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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  March 6, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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>> good morning everyone. it's sunday march 6th. questi we begin with a fox news alert. violence breaks out across the war torn country. rebels staunchly hold onto cities of their own. we have the latest for you next. mitt romney in new hampshire takes center stage calling out the white house saying america needs a new president. the road to 2012 has been paved. >> it is being charged the largest criminal antitrust
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investigation they are busted for price fixing and gyping millions from passengers. fox and friends begins right now. >> gooding morning everybody. thank you for joining us bright and early. it is my daughter's birthday. >> happy birthday. >> you opened the flood gates for that everybody wants their birthday recognized. your son. >> i knew this was dangerous. next thing you know all of our kids we will be a minute into the show. >> i might have waited until 8:00 a.m. >> they are not awake. >> let's see what's going on overnight. gun fire was erupting overnight in the capital of trip tripoli.
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some suggest it was because of pro qaddafi forces shooting guns up in the air in celebration over victory of the rebels. that's not true they say they are forces moving closer to tripoli. >> we also need to tell you what has been going on in the city of zuea. that is vital to oil industry. a massacre what happened there when the pro qaddafi government forces opened fire on civilians. we hear of stories of them being innocently in their doorway being mowed down bodys in the street. >> being dragged from their home. >> the pro qaddafi forces have taken again and horrible, horrible witness accounts of what's going on there. >> it's right about now you start to hear people mention civil war. could this lead to a long drawn out protracted civil war.
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both sides are dug in. the rebels are not going away. and what happened in the city you mentioned was very strange it looked like qaddafi's forces came in and won the battle. then they mysteriously retreated and left leaving everyone to know who can lay claim to a victory here? all we know is dozens of people, civilians at least were killed on saturday and warplanes were heard earlier this morning. >> bottom line on all of this, this is all leading to a major bat nell the town of surt. it's qaddafi's hometown a strategic city on the way to tripoli. we will keep an eye on this there was out t -- throughout t morning. >> another battle braing brewin home the race for 2012. mitt romney took the stage. he touched on all of the hot
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button issues including everything he doesn't like about president obama. let's listen. >> we don't have any sound but we do have -- they weren't allowing cameras. we have all of the statements. this is what he had to say specifically on president obama. instead of lowering taxes he raised them. he wrapped businesses in red tape. borrowed trillions of dollars made it clear dee like business people very much. create add deeper recession delayed recovery. he coined the term, the obama misery index. it's at a record high. it's going to take more than new receipt tihetoric to put americ to work. it's going to take a new president. >> you did a good romney. >> it is clear he is running for president. new hampshire he is well received the governor formerly of the neighboring state of massachusetts. the big question on the minds of voters especially in new
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hampshire. what about healthcare what about the fact that you passed a similar health bill to obama care t. has been a failure thus far. how is he going to spin this issue. we saw hunts of this about a month ago. this is what he said about obama care. it is a bad law bad for american families federal government is not the answer for running healthcare any more takens t it answer for running amtrak. i would repeal obama care if i had a chance to do so. he has to address subtle differences some things worked some and things didn't. >> he didn't address that. >> he did say he would give the federal government the rights it's a state's rights issue. he did say there are things he
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would change things that wouldn't work. >> that's what i mean. >> he did r address the topic hd on. he didn't skirt it or dance around it. he said he did what was right for massachusetts at the time. he believed he worked to democrats and republicans they believed it was right for massachusetts. that's what each state should be able to decide for itself it shouldn't be one side fits all policy. >> especially the official m mandate. states can do it. we are on twitter. will this satisfy the voters. economically speaking he's the front runner knows how to create jobs spends a lot of time on the private sector made a lot of money. healthcare he has to get over that hurdle. >> speaking of huckabee homeland
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security secretary janet nepal t napolitano. the stance on the shooting at the frankfort airport when two service members were killed by a man. >> i will say certainly what we have seen in the last several years is a growth of al qaeda and al qaeda related groups around the world. aqat al qaeda and arabian peninsula. it's fair to say a small number of indndividuals who are muslim and acting a misguided name of muslim we call them i say limbs face sal shaz glad but there are others as well. we don't to make the terrorism an tour too narrow.
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it's not just about islamist terroris terrorisms. >> he with call them islamists. she has a defrpt word for terrorists. what's the difference between terrorists, islamists, jihadists as we have heard that used at times. why is she making a distinction? is there a difference here? >> huckabee thinks the term islamic extremists isn't relevant. he was saying jihadist is a more relevant term. >> why is the administration so hesitant to call it what it is. german officials said it is some type of terrorism cited the links to radical islam cited crowing anger o growing anger o war. it is political correctless but is it fear of offending islams, muslims? >> denigrating actual terrorism when it's a broad cased plot
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when it involves bringing terror? >> they are so politically correct they are afraid to alienate terrorists. >> they are afraid to alienate the term terrorism. >> there could be drama unfolding there democratic senators still have not returned at this hour. democratic senator chris larso says this. take a listen. >> this could all end we would be happy to get home and start working on the next budget and happy to start working across the aisle with our colleagues. that can't happen the siege on workers rights ends. >> they are hold up and they fled the state because the governor gave them no choice. they claim the governor didn't come to the negotiating table and this bill was fast tracked so they have no other alternative but to flee. >> they did have time to try to voice their opinion and try to de late this thing.
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>> they said the governor wouldn't debate or come to the table. that's what chris larson said yesterday who would never know who would hold up and they are still endrenched. they said we are not going to be back until you protect your public workers. >> we know this the republican controlled legislature wants to start finding these democrats beginning monday 250 bucks a day. not trem douse money due you are over 1,000 bucks a week if they continue to stay in chicago or wherever they are at this point. >> americans are being warned to get out of yemen if possible as the violence there continues to em employed. the state department says the situation is growing worse by the second. it is president ali abd dill law sula a u.s. ally trying to tackle al qaeda.
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americans reportedly killed yemeni police officers in an ambush. one person dead and hundreds homeless after a tornado ripped through the town of louisiana yesterday. i hope i am pronouncing that right. a person died a young mother trying to protect a child. many residents are still without power. take a look at this youtube video. lulling right about the time a tornado touched down. more on the weather let's go right now. >> it was a real rough k day yesterday. you can see where the cold front is. it is pulled further off to the east. threat for severe weather not as significant today. we will see some showers that are severe. maybe strong winds not as much in the way of tornados. you notice the rain pulling in
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cold air coming in behind it. >> off to the south you notice it is cleared out across parts of the western panhandle of florida. new orleans you are fine. parts of florida we need some of the rain because of the fires we are dealing with. flood warnings are in effect. that is a concern right now. we have flood watches. we are seeing such heavy rain. a lot of areas 1-2 inches isolated areas maybe up to about 3 inches. the other story from this colder air will filter in behind. 12-18 inches of snow falling by the time it is done. that will be by tomorrow evening. snowy start as well. not as big of a concern today, today bigger concern for
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flooding. >> se weather never ends. reports out of cuba say the trial against allen gross a u.s. government contractor has ended and a verdict has been discussed any day now. he faces 20-years if convicted. they can access the internet and bypass cuban government sensors. a massive price fixing scheme among 21 airlines cost u.s. travelers and businesses # $120 million. the inflated passenger and cargo fuel charges to make up for lost profits between 2000 and 2006. all are international carriers including british airways and air france. they have been slap slaed with $1.7 billion in fines. it is not over. feather rale prosecutoe -- federal prosecutors are still
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prosecuting this. >> thank you, alley. we are 3 months into 2011 still no signs of a budget. it is a compromise on the cuts. >> my administration already put forward specific cuts that meet congressional republicans halfway. i am prepared to do more. they are sitting at the same table working out our differences and finding common ground. >> on our panel this morning democratic strategist mary ann marsh robert train um andrea hue news zachary roth. >> good morning to you. >> god morning. >> zachary you are the newcomer on the panel. they are open to more cuts, is the president leaning on this issue? i don't think they met them halfway. the republicans want 61 billion the democrats 6 and a half billion. duds he have to lead on this issue and get in there and negotiate himself?
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>> i don't think he needs to be pressing the democrats to make a compromise. in some ways he already agreed to a compromise making cuts in the first place as oppose to do more stimulus. this is a time when we have almost 9 percent unemployment. long-term joblessness. the cuts in the original house budget would cost 700 thousand jobs. in many ways what we need is more spend to go create jobs and less focus on immediate cutting in spending. >> good luck with more spending to create jobs. >> robert train um. does the president need to do more sit down with the table with republicans and democrats and say how farther willing to go? >> yes, he's the chief executive of the country. thus in the process he is the he had of the table. he needs to facilitate with
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democrats to try to bring both sides together. remember during the 20008 race if no one will lead in the white house i will. those were his dirk words. 75 percent of the american people have said and i disagree with my colleague. 55 fers of americans out there do in fact want government cuts. when you ask them what they want to cut they are americans they are sick and tired of the tax an spend policies putting their future and grandchildren's future on a credit card. >> mary anne both sides of the i'll criticized the president for his lack of leadership. this goes back to healthcare as you know. democrats crafted the legislation. does he in this case deserve some of the criticism for not owning it saying here's what i want here's what i need? >> no, not at all. the fact is the senate budget is the compromise. it's higher than the house comes in under obama. that's the reality here.
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obama loves this compromise. the other person who needs the help speaker ba baynor. even he knows the caucus has gone too far. they cut things like border security nonproliferation through the middle east. those are the kinds of cuts we can't afford to make. you will see the house is going to have to compromise. >> what do house republicans do. can they put them in office with promise of cutting 100 billion in the budget. where does this thing end? >> john bayno roshg and republican loaders are having a
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t tough time findling places to cut. big spenders are social security medicare and defense. they are popular programs for seniors. they don't want to cut defense too much for obvious reasons? where dizzy that leave you? cutting things like nuclear nonproliferation which means keeping nuke rare weapons out of the hands of terrorists, cutting cancer research, vouchers for homeless veterans. it's stuff they think they can get away with in the end. >> how far can they allow this to kick down the road. can they do another 2 week extension with minimal cuts? >> i think they can. first and foremost how long can republicans do this? the republicans clearly will try to quick this can down the curb as long as they can.
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the real question is how long will the american people be able to with stand the bickering back and forth even the massive spending. >> before we go there are a few republicans paul rooin notably that understand we need to make cuts on entitlement reform. will any democrats step up? will the president say that? >> why wouldn't they. even members of the tea party across the country don't want cuts in social security or medicare. he realizes his own party the tea party part of the caucus has gone too far. i think you are going to see extensions. if it starts to look like politics voters are going to rise up. >> this should be interestinint. >> thanks. take a look at the screen. violence in libya he is skal lating.
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>> welcome back to fox and friends. overnight qaddafi held off rebels in the capitol of tripoli. is libya on the cusp of civil war and how should america get involved? >> we have rei i remembered army officer for a look at the possible strategies. good morning, james. >> good to be with you. >> he is actively considering this no-fly zone over libya. even defense secretary robert gates says this is more complicated because it first involves bombing and anti war craft weaponry libya has. >> fist thing i think is hilarious on the one thing gates talk about how hard it is on the other hand what did he cut? they have a stealth aircraft if
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we have those we wouldn't have needed a bomb. they want to cut aircraft carriers and amphibious ships. hilarious. we have many in congress talk about cutting military capabilities at the same time they are saying we should be sending these to libya. >> there's a term floating around called the iraq syndrome. we had the same syndrome after vietnam. are we going to get involved in another middle east war currently involved when you started bombing aircraft sites don't we thrust ourselves with another war. >> is that instability in that country can slow throughout northwest could spill into egypt you could have a massive migration to western europe. they have interests there and we have to come up with a long-term strategy. the people are talking about
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this no-fly zozone. you have to be clear first of all no-fly zone is not going to stop a humanitarian crisis because there will be a civil war and it won't topple qaddafi. if you took every airplane out there would be a civil war. >> any sort of involvement with libya does have potential to turn disaster as you liken it to "black hawk down" situation. why? >> first of all if you through troops into tripoli today it would be an urban battle. united states doesn't have the intelligence. they don't know who the good guys are here. to jump into that thing makes no sense. there is at this point no need. there may be a need for a no-fly zone. we might partner with groups in the country supplying them weapons trying to keep murs nature res and arms flowing to qaddafi. there's lots of things the united states can do.
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the point is no-fly zone is not going to solve the problem. we are going to get into the next "black hawk down". we need a sensible long-term strategy that's the thing we haven't seen on any of the crises in the middle east. it's react to go the headlines and trying to stay one step behind as opposed to thinking three or four steps ahead. libya is the best candidate for the next somalia. >> thank you for joining us with your expertise. >> the high court ruled the best borough baptist church if that's really what you call them can't protest military funerals. they are taking matters into their own hands to combat them. how they are opposing their hate speech. >> this is one lucky dog firefighters give them a new leash on life and the fire almost kills him.
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